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Cooking with Steam

About Us

The ins and outs of Cooking with Steam and what we’re all about!

Put simply, Cooking with Steam is all about adapting recipes to use in the Combi Steam Oven and learning  tips and techniques to help you become a better cook.

Since we started Cooking with Steam, it’s fair to say we’ve all learned a lot. Our chef and co-founder, Paul Mounsey, had to learn to cook in a domestic, unplumbed Steam Oven. He has adapted his own tried and tested recipes so that you can get the best out of your Oven. Linda is the Oven owner. After searching the internet, Linda realised that she’d need help as there wasn’t a lot of material around. Joel is the technical guy who has pulled all the videos and content together into this resource.

This is not a site for professional chefs but for home cooks who want to become more proficient in the kitchen and learn new techniques to take out some of the mystery surrounding cooking – and in particular cooking with steam ovens.

Follow the recipes, learn a few basic techniques and enjoy the food that you create. We have!

We would like you to have a no stress approach where you can enjoy your cooking and learn some handy tips to make your cooking easier whether you’re cooking for a couple or a dinner party for 12. Our theory is that this should be the same: simple, easy to understand and tasty.

Good food takes time regardless of the latest equipment and technology. We will show you ways to shave the amount of time you take to prepare, cook and dish up perfect meals.

Cooking with Steam is not the only method of cooking you will find on our site. We think that steam cookery should be a part of your cooking arsenal, not the sole method.

With everything pre-packaged, pre-portioned, pre-marinated and pre-done the simple technique of boning whole chickens or filleting fish is becoming lost. You can’t see, touch or smell what you are buying.

The expense involved in purchasing pre-processed food like this can be astronomical, which is why we will give you the skills to buy your food whole and “do it yourself”. So create your own path and understand how to “Cook With Steam”

How To Use the Cooking With Steam Website

You will have noticed our site has quite a bit of content, including videos of recipes, written recipes, how to guides and photos.

We hope that you will watch the videos and get some understanding of the process involved in the preparation of any particular dish that appeals to you, then read the written recipe to get a more accurate idea of the ingredients and quantities involved.

While you’re attempting the recipe, we hope that you will use the video footage to pause, fast forward and rewind it as needed while you’re cooking. The videos can be watched on your laptop, tablet or phone.

Many of the recipes are single serve and single item dishes. This is a conscience decision we have made hoping you will perfect the basics and get your confidence up before attempting a more complicated dish.

All the recipes can be converted to larger quantities.

With recipes updated weekly we hope there will always be something you find appealing.

We realise that most ovens work differently and have their own unique and individual settings. That said, We know that our recipes will stand up in all the major manufacturers products if you follow our instructions.

Cooking, no matter what method is used, is about time and temperature and it’s for this reason that we know our tried and tested recipes work, no matter what brand of oven you may have. For this reason, you also won’t find recipes here that use or rely on manufacturers pre-set settings. We know (through experience) that there’s too much variation in manufacturers ideas of how long food should take to cook.

The health benefits of cooking with steam are well known; we don’t feel the need to highlight this any further. The food we make on the site is not always health friendly but we know it tastes good. This is real cooking for real home cooks.