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A ‘tip of the hat’ to those…

We Love

Whether it’s because the ingredients are the best or the equipment is top-notch, the companies listed below are those we love for varying reasons.

Cobram Estate


Established in 1998, Cobram Estate is the leading provider of olive oil in Australia, and a leader in Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The brand was launched domestically in 2001, and subsequently launched and currently exporting to countries including Canada, the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Thailand, the Maldives and Japan.

Cobram Estate is the chosen olive oil brand used in almost all Cooking with Steam recipes. After road testing numerous alternate products, Cobram Estate Olive Oils were found to outshine their competitors and thus hold the mantle as an essential Cooking with Steam ingredient. For more details on the range of oils available from Cobram estate, please visit the link provided here.

Murray River Salt


Since 2000, Murray River Salt have been producing premium gourmet salt flakes utilising concentrated brine from the Mourquong Salt Mitigation Basin, located close to Mildura in New South Wales. A proudly 100% Australian owned company, Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes has won an array of awards and is now widely regarded and recognised as an iconic Australian food product.

Cooking with Steam use Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes due to the high quality and great taste of this completely natural product. With no additives or preservatives, Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes are rich in beneficial minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and iodine. Aside from these outstanding qualities… it’s gentle flavour enhances food and never over-powers it. For more details on Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes, please visit the link provided here.

Luigi Bormioli


Founded in 1946, Luigi Bormioli have become the world’s foremost leading glassware manufacturer. With a commitment to creating beautiful products of the highest quality, Luigi Bormioli glassware blends elegant design, traditional Italian craftmanship and new-age glassmaking technologies to produce affordably priced and widely available glassware that rivals all others.

Cooking with Steam chose to partner with Luigi Bormioli due to the un-surpassed quality of their products and now showcase numerous items from their extensive range when presenting deserts, soups, salads, platters and other centrepiece dishes. For more details on the range of glassware available from Luigi Bormioli, please visit the link provided below.



If you’re seeking luxury, elegance and exquisite designs for your dining table, we encourage you to visit the ShervinVerkil website and view their range of products. Their latest collections include timeless styles and boast superior quality. From dipping bowls to side plates, soup bowls to dining plates, the Shervin Verkil ‘Rania Collection’ of hand finished ceramic dinnerware is unique and breathtakingly beautiful.

To compliment their dinnerware, ShervinVerkil currently offer 2 stylish ranges of precision forged cutlery, the ‘Classic Forged Collection’ & the ‘Inspired Design Collection’. Both perfectly weighted and crafted from precision forged hi-gauge 18/10 stainless steel, these dishwasher safe collections offer ISO9001 quality production certification and are a must for your special home gatherings. So confident are ShervinVerkil in the exceptionally high quality and durability of their cutlery ranges, they offer an amazing 100 year trust assurance warranty.

We love the ShervinVerkil range of products and know that you will too.




Engineered for design, innovation & performance. Füri, established in 1996, offer a wide selection of high quality knives that are chosen by leading chefs, and have become ‘must-use’ items in the Cooking with Steam production Kitchen.

Manufactured with precision and designed by leading Australian engineers & international chefs, Füri knives are made to be different. Revolutionary wedge-shaped handles boast perfect weight & seamless finish offset against high grade Japanese stainless steel.

Whether you’re a home cook or professional chef, we at Cooking with Steam wholeheartedly encourage you to add a selection of Füri knives to your kit.

For more information on Füri, to browse their extensive range of products and to find a stockist close to you, visit the official Füri website today.



For nearly 100 years, KitchenAid have been setting the standard for reliability, flawless performance and timeless design in kitchen appliances. Their colourful range can be found in family homes across Australia, America and the United Kingdom.

The KitchenAid classic stand mixer is an essential and much loved component of the Cooking with Steam kitchen, ensuring thorough ingredient incorporation with each and every use. We use KitchenAid hand blenders for consistency and reliability, and KitchenAid kettles for variable temperature control.

If you’re looking for a high quality products that are (at least in our humble opinion!) made to perform, built to last and unsurpassed by it’s competitors, look now further than KitchenAid stand mixers, hand blenders and kettles.



Multix is a trusted and reliable brand that has been sold in Australia since the early 70’s. Their range of products are sold throughout Australian Supermarkets and in many countries throughout the world.

Cooking with Steam use Multix brand wraps, foils, baking paper, zip lock bags and containers when preparing, cooking and storing food in our kitchens. Visit the Multix website to learn more about their range of high quality products.