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The Simple Things
Must Do’s

These few items are our list of Must Do’s. They’re important. We’ve kept it brief, though can’t emphasize the importance of them!

Fill the water reservoir

This may seem like an obvious step but often forgotten. The higher the steam temperature you use the more water you will use. The only time your oven uses water is when it’s heating up, so opening the door and letting the steam escape will end up with a higher water use.

Room Temperature

Possibly the most important of these instructions, all our recipes (unless instructed) are done with all the ingredients starting at room temperature. This ensures even cooking and better end results.

Pre-Heat The Oven

We always cook all of our recipes in a pre-heated oven. Placing any dish or ingredients into a cold oven means that they then heat up with the oven to the correct temperature – therefore giving you inaccurate cooking times.

Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For recipes featured on Cooking with Steam that include Olive Oil as an ingredient, always use Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Extra Virgin Olive Oil is simply the fresh juice of an olive, however plain ‘Olive Oil’ is chemically refined and is not nearly as good for you or your cooking. We endorse and recommend Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Oil Oil and find this ensures the best and most flavorsome recipe outcomes.